Our mission is to provide the best quality sleep experience through ergonomic customization, organic materials, and luxury comfort.

About the Founders & The Noble Pillow Philosophies:

When Jamie Noble was a child, she was in a catastrophic car accident that put her in a wheelchair. The doctors said she most likely would never walk again. She fought against the odds and gained not only the ability to walk but also to run and compete in varsity sports. Unfortunately, she was also in chronic pain. After seeing many specialists with no relief, Jamie decided to take matters into her own hands.

After obtaining her Sports Medicine degree, she opened the Sportmedx clinic. She has spent over a decade helping people recover from serious injuries, including those which doctors deemed irreversible. However, there was still a piece of the puzzle missing. Jamie saw clients' hard work being sabotaged by poor sleeping posture from inadequate pillow designs and delayed healing from low-grade materials. Unable to find any existing products that fit the bill, she realized that it was time to get to work designing the proper night time support. After hundreds of hours of research, numerous prototypes, and data collection from test subjects, the perfect customizable pillows were born.  

Now that she is pain-free, she is passionate about helping others in discomfort. There is a famous saying, "hurt people hurt people;" her motto is, "people who feel good help others feel good."

After partnering with Danny Stevens, who with his Kinesiology degree not only understands the body in motion but also at rest, joined the team. The two co-owners set out perfecting the pillow designs and creating the Noble Pillow brand, named for its creator and, serendipitously, for the definition of what it means to be "noble"- namely having exceptional qualities, principles, and ideals.

Receiving nothing but positive feedback from a multitude of diverse fields of health care providers for the efficacy of the revolutionary sleep aid, they continue to build their team of health professionals who can spread knowledge of an optimal way to heal and thrive while sleeping. Our pillows reflect the unequivocal high standards of design, materials, and expertise Noble Pillow stands for. 

The Noble Pillow Company is a "Dream Team" revolutionizing sleep by providing uniquely engineered, luxury sleep aids designed to decrease pain, increase comfort and healing with uncompromising principles of excellence reflected in high quality material sourcing, expert design, and local craftsmanship. Our vision for the future is to continue to revolutionize sleep while saving the environment and creating meaningful and living wage jobs by marrying our unique pillow design with our Dream Team of biodynamic farmers, excellent artisans, and expert health professionals.

What goes into a Noble Pillow:

The high-end organic and natural materials used to make these pillows are; breathable, thermoregulating, and hypoallergenic, but what people notice is how comfortable and luxurious they feel. Eco-friendly and ethically manufactured by skilled professionals who understand the intricate architecture to create nine anatomically engineered, adjustable sections with the capability to fit any individual's body and sleeping position. All while delivering the utmost care and quality.

Noble pillows contain a mix of wool, and organic cotton expertly layered to provide ultimate comfort, naturally fire-retardant properties and contoured, support. Since wool is one of the most flame-resistant fibers in existence, zero chemicals are needed. 

Wool helps to ensure a pleasant sleep climate and works like your own climate control unit. Since ancient times, people have known about wool’s incredible ability to thermoregulate, and scientists still have not been able to create a synthetic fiber with the ability to surpass. You will stay dry and sleep at just the right temperature. Our wool is ethically sourced, and we have organic latex options for vegans and those who would prefer a wool alternative.

The number of chemicals that can be used to produce a conventional pillow is staggering. Many are known skin irritants, and some are carcinogenic. Pesticides are also endocrine disruptors, which alter the body’s hormone balance. There is growing concern about the consequences of chronic exposure to low levels of these compounds. Among concerns scientists have identified are increased risks for obesity, infertility, developmental brain disorders, and cancer.

When you choose a natural pillow made with organic cotton, you eliminate an important source of chemical exposure for one-third of your life. Some experts believe that organic fabric is as significant for health as organic food. Organically grown and processed cotton will not expose you to herbicides, fungicides, or other chemical residues. Noble pillows and cases are made from GOTS certified organic fabric.

Noble Pillows will support proper alignment and allow for the deep sleep needed to rejuvenate the mind and body.

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