Our mission is to provide the best quality sleep experience through ergonomic customization, organic materials, and luxury comfort.


Jamie Noble, having an advanced sports medicine background, has always had a keen eye for proper body alignment and has taken her own sleeping posture very seriously because of how much of an impact it has on the rest of one’s health. After trying well over a dozen supposed ergonomic pillows on the market, none seemed to live up to the advertised hype. Out of frustrated determination, Jamie decided to create her own design that lived up to her high standards of alignment and comfort. Thus, after data collection from test subjects and the evolution of prototypes, the Noble Pillow was born.

She then set her sights on helping clients at her sports rehab facility, Sportsmedx, who were delaying and sabotaging their results from poor sleeping posture due to inadequate pillows. Given that every person is a different shape and is in various stages of postural health, it was imperative that the pillows be fully adjustable to accommodate anyone and everyone. Her clients saw dramatic progress now that they could sleep and recover not just with proper spinal alignment, but with the soft yet supportive comfort of all natural and eco-friendly materials rather than the sterile feel of synthetic foams and gels of other “ergonomic” pillows.

After partnering with Danny Stevens, who with his Kinesiology degree not only understands the body in motion but also at rest joined the Sportsmedx team, the two co-owners set out perfecting the pillow designs and creating the Noble Pillow brand, named for its creator and, serendipitously, for the definition of what it means to be “noble.”

Receiving nothing but positive feedback from numerous health care practitioners for the efficacy of our revolutionary sleep aid, we continue to build our team of health professionals who can spread knowledge of an optimal way to heal and thrive while you sleep. Our pillows reflect our unequivocal high standards of design, materials, and expertise that we stand for, and we look forward to building our company and our future together with our “Dream Team.”


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