Through the creation of extraordinary sleep aids, our goal is to bring a healing night’s sleep to everyone. We aspire to create the highest quality sleeping experience for all of our customers. Noble means to possess excellent qualities, which is precisely what we stand for. We truly want to help people. To give them the life-changing tools needed to enrich their lives through anatomically correct and impactful sleep. With smart design and constant innovation, we endeavor to create a highly tailored sleeping experience. We don’t believe in half efforts and will always go that extra mile to help clients adapt to a better body and, most importantly — feel supported.


Noble Pillows & The Price Tag

We regard our pillows as tools to safeguard your physical health by ensuring high-quality sleep. Since we are not any other pillow brand that dropships cheap products from around the world, our prime focus is providing premium products that help achieve medical-grade sleep hygiene.

Here at Noble Pillow, our goal is to employ sustainable, organic materials that heal and are hypoallergenic. Such materials cost more than generic components used in cheap products. Our fabrics and fills are breathable and luxurious. Organically processed without the use of harsh chemicals and are naturally resistant to fire, dust mites, and mold while being thermoregulating and moisture controlling.

Your pillow helps filter the air and wick moisture from your skin. Like replacing your air filter, it is essential to refresh your pillow. Many doctors and sleep specialists recommend replacing your pillow every year. With Pillow-Care, there is no need for a new pillow. Pillows are washable and refillable.

Product research is not something often associated with something as simple as a pillow. But here at Noble Pillow, our products have gone through a complex procedure of iterative designing. We collaborated with a multitude of medical experts, such as neurologists and chiropractors, to help make our design in line with medical space. To achieve perfection, we required numerous product iterations owing to experts’/customers’ feedback. This is a costly approach that ends up reflecting in product prices.

Another aspect that makes Noble Pillow stand out as a brand is the choice of labor. Our products are manufactured by US-labor in the Pacific Northwest and the Bay area. Ensuring healthy work conditions and fair wages to our staff is at the core value of our brand. It also means healthier finished products for our customers. Therefore, we had to go the extra mile to put together a team of master artisans with the skill to create the intricate architecture you deserve. In addition, our products are ethically manufactured. We are not among those brands that promise comfort to their clients at the expense of unethical manufacturing techniques and non-eco-friendly products.

Unlike other pillows on the market that only have a few necessary properties, the Noble Pillow is the total package. It’s often said there is not one pillow out there that is perfect for everyone, which makes sense. However, everyone still sleeps with a pillow of some kind, which is why Noble Pillow is customizable and adjustable to accommodate changes in weight, posture, body shape, and sleep conditions. Nine anatomically engineered, adjustable channels guide your body into an optimal alignment, while the luxurious materials help provide contouring comfort.


The Founders

Like every great success, the Noble Pillow was born out of a struggle. Founder and expert designer Jamie Noble created it to help bring a luxury, therapeutic sleep experience to people far and wide. She was involved in an almost fatal car crash as a child and was told by doctors she would never walk again. Jamie fought for her life against all the odds as she worked up to being able to walk again. The problem was that she was still stricken with pain from the accident. Despite exhausting a long list of medical professionals, she could not find relief and was continuously crippled by the pain. She set her sights on a sports medicine degree, learning how to heal herself, and has since opened her own clinic to help people suffering from injuries, some of which many doctors say are irreparable.

Boasting over fifteen years of experience in helping clients of all walks of life heal from injuries once thought irreversible, Jamie is an expert at her craft. Now pain-free, she is armed with a deep passion for helping others heal from life-altering injuries. She noticed a recurring theme amongst many clients: poor sleeping posture and low-grade materials hindering their recovery. And so, she set out to work on pillows that would facilitate the perfect sleeping conditions for those with existing issues or for those who are preventive-minded and want to minimize their chances of developing problems. Jamie has teamed up with Kinesiology expert Danny Stevens to revolutionize the world of sleep one pillow at a time.

The Noble Pillow has been my best investment for rehabilitating serious neck and shoulder injury . I tried every pillow/support available for years. None compare to the comfort and healing I’ve experienced with the Noble Pillow; not even close . Pure gold! I can power lift heavy weight and do martial arts again. THANKS!
— Lee Smith, Owner Artistic Drywall
I Absolutely recommend getting a Noble pillow - especially if recovering from an injury. This customizable, organic, love filled pillow has been paramount in my shoulder rehabilitation. On top of that, the chronic morning headaches are no more! It’s amazing how much healing can be accomplished with the right support.
— Mikayla Korrie Gibson, New Mother
I got the Noble Head Pillow after I tore my rotator cuff. Not only did it take away the pain in my shoulder but it helped my posture as well.
— Tanya (Vivienne) Varga, Owner of Powder Pilates
My wife got me a Noble Lower Body pillow and it's been a life-saver! I've had a hard time sleeping well since being shot in the leg, but with this pillow, I can finally get comfortable.
— Eric Bent, SC Police Officer
❤️❤️❤️ the pillow! The Ritz hotels need this luxury! Amazing!
— Ruth Miller, Chief Academic Officer
This was the only pillow that actually provided support at my hips, knees, and ankles which helped my hip and low back pain.
— Gina Langhout, PhD. Professor UCSC
The organic cover and natural fibers make my head relax and ground in a way no other pillow has been able to. The chambers are specific, and the pillow completely adjustable. So each pillow is personal. I fluff it up once a month, it takes about 2 minutes. So easy. Absolutely no regrets on the expense, and I LOVE MY NOBLE PILLOW.
— Donna Saffren, Owner Montessori School