The number of chemicals that can be used to produce a conventional pillow is staggering. Many are known skin irritants, and some are carcinogenic. Pesticides are also endocrine disruptors, which alter the body’s hormone balance. There is growing concern about the consequences of chronic exposure to low levels of these compounds. Scientists have identified increased risks for obesity, infertility, developmental brain disorders, and cancer. As a result, more specialists are encouraging the switch to organic pillows.

We are health scientists and not providers for insurance and third-party payors, but we are happy to pass along the information that has been shared with us. We have many clients who are doctors and health practitioners. Some have used their HSA to purchase pillows. Others have successfully submitted to insurance for reimbursement or deducted on taxes. You do not need to be a professional to receive reciprocity. With a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), you will need to get a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). Any licensed medical doctor (MD) or osteopath (DO) may provide this for you. Not all programs are the same. We suggest you check with your specific provider or tax specialist for coverage and submission details for reimbursement.

The Noble Pillow has been my best investment for rehabilitating serious neck and shoulder injury . I tried every pillow/support available for years. None compare to the comfort and healing I’ve experienced with the Noble Pillow; not even close . Pure gold! I can power lift heavy weight and do martial arts again. THANKS!
— Lee Smith, Owner Artistic Drywall
I Absolutely recommend getting a Noble pillow - especially if recovering from an injury. This customizable, organic, love filled pillow has been paramount in my shoulder rehabilitation. On top of that, the chronic morning headaches are no more! It’s amazing how much healing can be accomplished with the right support.
— Mikayla Korrie Gibson, New Mother
I got the Noble Head Pillow after I tore my rotator cuff. Not only did it take away the pain in my shoulder but it helped my posture as well.
— Tanya (Vivienne) Varga, Owner of Powder Pilates
I have tried quite a number of pillows and none have provided me with the support necessary to have my head and neck not achy in the morning, that was until I found the Noble Pillow! I have suffered from joint laxity hyper-mobility my entire life. With the Noble Pillow my head and neck feel supported in both side and back positions. With this pillow you get what you pay for and that is excellence.
— Jaimi Jansen, Owner Santa Cruz Core Fitness & Rehab.