When you sleep, your body works to restore and repair your physical and mental functions, as well as balancing hormones back to healthy levels. Here are three essential benefits of a good night’s sleep that can help you in many aspects of your life.

1. Enhances cognitive performance

After a good night’s sleep, hormone, and stress levels adjust, which allow you to focus and think more creatively.  What you learn gets “cemented” while you sleep, increasing concentration and memory retention which enables you to break plateaus. Your mind creates new neural pathways that make you more adept at the task at hand.

2. Promotes recovery

While in deep sleep, your brain triggers the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which encourages tissue repair and advances recovery from sore muscles, previous injuries or disability, to name a few. Sleeping is also the time for your immune system to ramp up and “clean” the body of toxic materials; T-cells go up, and inflammation goes down. Recovery is vital to optimal performance, whether in sports, work, around the house, or playing with friends and family.

3. Increases energy and supports fat loss

Sleeping balances your hormone levels, so you’re less likely to have cravings and more likely to eat for fuel (not sugar). Sleep also refreshes neurotransmitter levels and removes energy-draining metabolites, in turn increasing energy, central nervous system activity, and endurance capacity. The demand for calories is decreased, so your body can replenish and be ready to make it through the day with consistent stamina.

Sleeping Positions and Posture:

The most critical requirement for the kind of sleep that will help improve your life is a proper pillow setup that is individualized to your body. It is imperative that you are supported in proper spinal alignment to facilitate healing.

After all, what good is a chiropractic adjustment if your sleeping position allows your spine to slip back out of alignment? What good is a massage if your muscles can’t stay relaxed as you sleep, recreating the problems you paid so much to fix? And, how can you get comfortable and relaxed enough to drift off if you’re using an inadequate “ergo-pillow” made of synthetic foams and gels? Your pillow shouldn’t feel unnatural and designed without you -- the individual -- in mind.

The solution is simple, and we have it: A Head and Lower Body Pillow designed with science and executed with comfort. These life-changing pillows are fully adjustable and customizable to guarantee a perfect fit. Their organic and all-natural ingredients are thermoregulating; naturally resistant to fire, dust mites, and mold; and are void of any toxic chemicals that plague many other types of pillows.

“I Absolutely recommend getting a Noble pillow - especially if recovering from an injury. This custom, organic, love filled pillow has been paramount in my shoulder rehabilitation. On top of that, the chronic morning headaches are no more! It's amazing how much healing can be accomplished with the right support.”

-Mikayla Korrie Gibson, New Mother

“The Noble Lower Body Pillow is the ultimate sleep savior. The balanced support it provides at the knees and ankles as well as its heat regulating design enables rest as it should be - comfortable and pain free. The style and quality of this pillow is incomparable."

-Leah Boone, Project Manager


“I am so grateful for the Noble Pillow! My history of chronic snoring and neck/shoulder injuries made sleep uncomfortable and frustrating. It was rare for me to wake up feeling rested. Now, with the Noble Pillow Upper and Lower pillows my body is completed supported, regardless of if I'm side lying or sleeping on my back. I don't snore anymore and when I wake up I feel refreshed, my joints are rejuvenated and my muscles are supple. I have also noticed that my hair and my skin have taken on a lustrous sheen since I started using the Noble Pillows. I appreciate the 100% organic materials and the local craftsmanship. On the rare trip in which I am without my Noble Pillows, it is immediately noticeable what a difference they make- I have taken to traveling with them whenever I can. Thank you for making the pillows of my dreams!”

-Beau Jansen, Fitness Director SC Core

“The Noble Plow has been my best investment for rehabilitating serious neck and shoulder injury. I tried every pillow/support available for years. None compare to the comfort and healing I've experienced with the Noble Pillow; not even close. Pure gold! I can power lift heavy weight and do martial arts again. THANKS!”

-Lee Smith, Owner Artistic Drywall

"The Noble Pillow has been wonderful for my neck. I have tried many pillows over the years and each one has let me down. The ability to not only change the depth but the firmness is what really makes this pillow shine. I would recommend the Noble pillowcase as well. I am a hot sleeper and this is the first pillow-pillowcase combo that does not have me reaching for another pillow or flipping the current pillow over."

-Dr. Gabe Fierro-Fine MD

Your Noble pillow will support proper alignment and allow for the deep sleep you need to rejuvenate your mind and body.